The IMO Committees

Apart of the main committees in the IMO: MSC and MEPC; there are other three which are very important:

  • The Legal Committee.
  • The Technical Cooperation Committee.
  • The Facilitation Committee.

Who forms it?

All of them consist on all members of the IMO, as happened with the MSC and the MEPC.

As we pointed out in the last post, the fact that all members are part of the committee is a good idea because is the majority who decide what is going to happen, and not only a few elected ones.

What are they in charge of?    

  • The Legal Committee.

After the Torrey Canyon disaster, the IMO founded this Committee for taking care of any legal issue related with any IMO instrument or legislation in the scope of the Organization.

On each session of this Committee, which are carried out twice a year, they deal with any legal situation that has been sent to the IMO.

  • The Technical Cooperation Committee.

This Committee was created for dealing with countries with problems for implement the IMO instruments.

Even though it is the responsibility of the Governments to implement the Codes and legislation of the Organization, they may not have the technical knowledge for carrying out this task, that is why this Committee exists.

This was established as a subsidiary body of the Council from 1969 until 1984, when it became a Committee.

  • The Facilitation Committee.

As happened with the Technical Cooperation Committee, this was created as a subsidiary body of the Council on 1972, and became a Committee on 2008.

This Committee is in charge of the Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic Convention, meaning that they are in charge of eliminated any unnecessary document related to the International Shipping Industry.

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