Officer’s Log: Getting promoted is good, but…

Enjoy your position, quote Passengers, learn, focus, autopilot mode once you know your staff

We have always been taught to need to advance, to improve our lives but, since the industrial revolution, the meaning of this improving has become the rank you have on a company or the money you made on it.

People has forgotten that the work you are doing or the money you are making ALWAYS can be better so, what is the point of worrying about your position or your salary (on a rational level, mates).

When I joined the merchant navy, I joined for becoming captain but, while I was studying, my classmates and I discovered the figure of the Harbor pilot. This figure has usually been described as “someone who has more power on the bridge and make more money than the Captain” (please, don’t consider this description as true).

Once we knew that, automatically we wanted to become pilots.

Now that I have spent some time at sea, I can’t stop thinking that none of us thought about the cadet position, or the 3rd officer position, or the 2nd officer position, neither the chief officer position.

It is good to put your aspiration up with the stars, but you shouldn’t forget to put your feet on each step, slowly, firmly.

The way I think now is that, after more than a year as 2nd officer, I know how to carry out my job so know I can focus on learning deeply about the procedures regarding my position, the rest of the things that are related to my vessel and, also, the job of the higher and inferior workers on my vessel. Summarizing, know that I know how to do my job, I can enjoy learning many things so, what’s the point on hurrying up to reach the next position?

I am writing this words because I found many colleagues that, as soon as they get theirs Chief Officers CoC they want to get the position, and most even think that they deserve it as if they know already everything…

For me, I like to live according to one quote I heard on the film “Passengers”:

You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be that you forget to make the most of where you are

Alvaro Jimenez

2nd Officer at Royal Caribbean International
My motto: Safety First.
My passion: Deliver the wow.
My dream: Sail around the world.
Alvaro Jimenez

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