The IMO Assembly

In the International Maritime Organization, the highest governing body is the Assembly.

It is formed for all members of the Organization and they meet once each two years normally, but the Assembly will meet on an extraordinary session when necessary.

Once of its function is to approve the work program of the Organization and to vote for the budget of the Organization. That way, it determines the financial arrangements for the IMO.

Apart for this, the Assembly is also in charge of selecting the members of the Council. This selection will be maintained until the next ordinary meeting.

By the time I am writing this post, the last session of the Assembly was from the 27th of November to the 6th of December, and it was the number 30.

On this session they adopted the strategic plan from 2018 until 2023.

What does that mean?

It means that they set the direction that has to be followed by the Organization on the following years.

For example, once of the things that everybody is paying more attention to is to respond to climate change, so, on its session, they set a point inside the strategic plan which is to respond to climate change.

  • Respond to climate change – developing appropriate, ambitious and realistic solutions to minimize shipping’s contribution to air pollution and its impact on climate change.

Apart of this strategic plan, the Assembly also did some announcements, like the one where they welcomed the second phase of the Polar code, or the one where they condemned the launching of missiles without warning.

Finally, on the memo, we can find a list of the resolutions of the Assembly adopted by this governing body.

To sum up

So, according to what we have seen already on this blog, we can summarize that the Assembly is the highest governing body of the IMO.

The Assembly chooses the Council, which is the executive body of the IMO, and it is in charge of supervising the work of the Organization.

The Council delegates into the Committees for fulfilling the tasks of the Organization. Those jobs are divided into five main committees.

Also, finally, there are some subcommittees that will help the main committees to fulfill their tasks.

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