Hello everybody, I am Alvaro Jimenez. Unlimited OOW with Spanish and Cyprus endorsment.

I am also the author of this site, www.SafetyCultureAtSea.com, where I will sharing pieces of knowledge about the maritime world, specially about Safety and about maritime regulation. MY aim is to provide you with a site where you can find a solution for most of your doubts and also a site where I can express my thoughts about the current legislation or practises on board.

Please, visit my Linkedin profile, where I will share every new post and where you can contact me (you can also contact me on the Contact section) and ask me questions or suggest me ideas for future posts.

Alvaro Jimenez

2nd Officer at Royal Caribbean International
2nd Officer at RCI.
My motto: Safety First.
My passion: Deliver the wow.
My dream: Sail around the world.
Alvaro Jimenez

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